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Today is the day we begin to learn to look through the eyes of others; to find out and experience what the world is like for them. It is also the day we grow bigger than our differences and offer to help everyone regardless of historical rights and wrongs. A friendly welcome, an outstretched hand to you for checking out my blog. I, NAYANTHARA PRATHAP heartily welcome you and thank you for visiting my blog!

When I am not reading or writing, I take a
moment or two to strum the strings of my guitar.

I believe, success can be achieved through constant hard work; luck is just
a conventional conformation. In a world where we are highly prone to losing
ourselves in the rat race, I make sure I am not consumed in its pointless

Self-doubt was overcome by self-belief and led me to starting this blog. This blog does not fall under a particular genre, because I believe perspectives do not classify under a specific genre. This blog illustrates my perspective of the world around me. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and visit it frequently. Feel free to post your comments and opinions! I’d be glad to read and reply to them 🙂

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Nayanthara Prathap

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