Vision of the Youth from a Representative

Hello people! I genuinely hope all of you are in the pink of health – mental, physical and emotional (and spiritual, if it applies to you). I have lately been reading about India’s history and the seemingly withered present. I am honestly hurt beyond words with recent developments (I don’t know if that word fits the context, but let’s keep it). India’s oldest political party seems to have hammered the last nail on its coffin by electing its current president, although there was a promising contender. We have sadly not been able to rise above our own differences and clearly, don’t seem to like growth. The news each day breaks my heart with another girl child being the victim, and the guilty getting off scot-free. A broken judicial system, or is it too early to decide? In a world where 24 hours can change the whole dynamics of countries, in the last few years, we have easily let go of the very freedom and democracy that India was known for. I am regretful and ashamed to use it in the past tense. But do we really value the freedom that our forefathers acquired with blood, sweat and tears? I doubt it. Are we hypocrites who only boast of it on the three days of the year?

A country that is blessed with vast agricultural lands, a multitude of cultures, a rich history and a richer present with a humongous youth population, what are we making of it? Give me answers I say. We can literally be at the top in the next decade, really. While the major economies of the world are fighting an ageing population, climate change (which even we don’t escape, but could make a significant difference if we start now), inflation, food shortage and poor management of wealth, we are still not as messed up as we might think. With the assets like agriculture, diversity and a young population, India sure can climb to the top. But we need a more responsible government. And a more responsible government will come only if we become a more responsible population and every citizen should be aware of his/her value in a democratic nation like ours. Does it make sense to have the aged, with minimal education to rule a country that has a soaring youth population who are full of dreams and aspirations? Does the majority of the parliament even know what sustainability is? Or rather do they take it seriously?

The declining freedom of press is a HUGE indicator that we are drifting apart as a strong nation and inviting the conforms of capitalism to rule over us. While capitalism may suit the functioning of some countries, it clearly is not meant for us. The dynamics of India is different and we have got to seek to move ahead with better awareness and seek to work in unity rather than being torn by the very elements that need to stitch us together and promote a life in harmony.

A strong, responsible population elects a strong, responsible government, and above all, holds them accountable for their actions and misactions. We need to wake up. There ARE people (read as youth) out there longing to see change. Unless each one of us comes out of the protective shells that have grown cosy on us, we will be brushed under the rug long before we know it. I’m afraid there will be no coming back. We need to wake up and be the change we want to see. A country with plenitude of the core elements that establishes a rich nation, I believe we can get to the top. I hope we stand together, united in this and start from NOW. A strong nation is one that is built on the foundations of a stable healthcare system, access to education irrespective of societal strata, and management of agricultural resources and valuing farmers. However cliched it may sound, together we can make a difference and there’s nothing more to it.

Don’t throw me flak. Because this is not a utopian concept. It is a creatable one which definitely can be materialised if we all understand the importance of what we are and where we stand. Yet again a reminder – together we can make a difference.

I’ll leave you with just one thought – imagine if a majority of the young talent who we’ve exported in the name of higher education come back and work towards making our nation one that we envision for ourselves? Wouldn’t that be a stepping stone to the smallest change we could bring? My fellow expat students, don’t we all want our country to be one where we can work, live and grow without having to work for corporates where we’ve got no clue who our manager is?!


18 responses to “Vision of the Youth from a Representative”

  1. Excellent work – youth r forced to take up jobs they dislike and get into all nonsense like drugs etc., going dangerously ahead – than forcing them encourage youth into innovative farming which will help them,people,nation towards peace and heavenly world with good food and health around which is the emergency now everywhere

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  2. Perfectly articulated

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  3. Nandagopal Nelvoye Avatar
    Nandagopal Nelvoye

    A good article to introspect. The youth can make it break. It’s the question of how they are channelised in the right direction. Our country is not short of resources. It’s the matter of how will we utilise the same for the benefit of the community. With diversity in language, religion and many more areas, yet we have been able to wade through challenges and move ahead. The point is how do we make it a successful journey.

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  4. Well written. Food for thought. We deserve what we are.

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    Well written. However, youth should take the concept in the right sense. Life is not a very big deal, but same time, is not as simple as portrayed in Facebook or Instagram…

    with the advancement of indigenous manufacturing/development projects such as “Make in India Scheme”, I hope opportunities will flourish and we will be able to retain our talents, to invest themselves in the country itself… of course, scenario will change, I believe.

    The Sun will never fail us, it will rise again. Be watchful and careful always to keep yourself away from drugs, terrorism, misguiding information etc. Life is beautiful.

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  6. Leaders are working for themselves,Not for thepeople.The recent president election of the great party is a glaring example. Youth are misguided at theschool time itself involving in to political activities and other undesirable habits. Let us hope that the present govt will be able to bring a change.

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  7. Wow, well said!
    May it reach the young multitude and those leaning towards fascist ideologies!!

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  8. Happy to see that there are glimpses of hope from the youth, who foresee the future of India. If this is a spark, there is fire around. All the best

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  9. Mahesh Narayanan Avatar
    Mahesh Narayanan

    Nice work. Very relatable. Youth should not feel helpless instead the 22.7% (19 – 29 years of age) of the India’s population can change anything and everything if they decide to. The real problem is we are confused and have leant to live with everything. Hope such articles ignites the right mindset in the India’s real strength of force – Youth.


  10. I’ve full confidence that the youth in the country will correct the mistakes done by the earlier generations and improve on the right steps. The writer of this blog is one such example ☺

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  11. Beautifully Articulated Nayanthara! Let it keep flowing. Thought provoking indeed! Hope this generation could understand.👍👏👏👏


  12. Joythengumpally Avatar

    Beautiful, congratulations


  13. Nayantara, A passionate and balanced view of the current state of India’s governance concerns, challenges and opportunities. Your language is persuasive, and your style is eloquent. Your article’s contents, tone and tenor relate well with my thinking. Keep writing. Keep sharing.

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    1. Thanks a lot for your insights, sir. Means a lot 🙏


  14. nayanthara, understand that the article is to highlight the challenges the youth and the country faces. also write another one focusing on what all has improved. this will make you more optimistic about the future. there are challenges and there will always be many. remain blessed with health, happiness and hope.

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    1. Thank you for being optimistic!!


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