I Wish We’d Known Less

How many times have we wanted to go back to the days we were on all fours? How many times have we been tormented by our present to have gotten us to a place we never foresaw? Remember those thoughts in isolation, when we only wanted to be kids and nothing else? Haven’t we wished to be beings with zero tension and zero stress? Why then do we continue to be forever demanding?

Some people say, “Man is a being of unparalleled powers; he can create what he dreams of.” Others proclaim, “We are here to grow; and change is inevitable.” Honestly, if man has the power to create what he dreamt of, then why don’t we create a tomorrow that is less stressful, more humane, less demanding and more peaceful? We reap the results of our own actions. We were unaware of the term – “mental health” a decade ago. Now that we know, we have gotten worse, we stress over every darn thing, presuming we have a mental health issue. Had we not witnessed the whole “mental health” revolution, we would have been a lot more merrier than we are – is what I think. Right now, we are constantly in conflict with our mental health. I was speaking with a kid recently – the kid exclaimed that their summer camp was taking a toll on their mental health. This is a kid. And this kid is stressed with the summer camp. Gosh! Of all things in the world – do we any longer know what we are doing? I thought summer camps were supposed to be fun and a time to make new friends and learn something that we needn’t have a prior skill to learn.

Now my concern is whether the summer camp was really stressful or was the child being overtly concerned about their mental health because they had heard the term somewhere OR is it that we are actually raising a generation where summer camp is also a chance to increase the IQ of a child and make him/her the next Elon Musk.

Let us shamefully agree to the fact – we have foolishly, unflinchingly donated ourselves to the capitalist conforms of the society. This has come to be called growth. I wish the kid had known less. Because had they known less they wouldn’t stress over being mentally burnt out, because they wouldn’t have known what burn out is.

Yes, I know what you are charging at me with: “Because we know that something called mental health exists, we are able to overcome the challenge of beating ourselves up.” Brothers and sisters, we just agreed to the fact that we are generation of fools who no longer know that we are suffering and need a third person to tell us that! Amen to your holy grails of conquering the world with all that you’ve got.

There are tribes in places like Andaman, where they are untouched by the so-called robustness of civilization and dignified culture. In their eyes, we are a bunch of fools who are running aimlessly, seeking happiness everywhere except within ourselves. While they are still hunting for food semi-nakedly, they go to sleep everyday satisfied and happy. What I infer is not that we go back to the early man’s era, but to simply be able to be happy. Did you realise that the last sentence read “be able to be happy”?

There is much that we can learn from nature. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” – this was told by a Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu who lived between the 6th and 4th century BCE. Why then are we hurrying? What for? To get our names imprinted on record books? But who made record books, and why do they exist? Most of all, aren’t records broken, and names forgotten?

Religion was unknown until a book was told to be followed that was based on the word of God. We were told, all our wishes would come true, and dreams would come alive. I wish I’d never known religion. I wish we never knew of a supreme power that no one’s ever seen – whom we so ardently adore, while ignoring the lesser fortunate, saying – “God has a purpose for that” or “God has a plan for you” when we’re sure that the person may die if not given a morsel of food. Yet, I am refractory to believe no God exists.

What a generation of fools humans have been! We cut all trees, and erected concrete skyscrapers and are now begging the current generation to make space for growing trees and increasing the green carpet. Could there be a better joke? We automated everything and are now blaming the lack of jobs for the youth. Dear fellow humans, I am a hypocrite, for tomorrow I will wake up to a day, where I will code for the automation based on the requirement. I am paid for it, and I will continue to do so, until I am paid for it. But the day after tomorrow if I see a notice that says: “people are wanted to move furniture” with a price quoted more than what I receive today, then I might jump to lifting furniture. Such is life. Such has become life.

Yours foolishly.

29 responses to “I Wish We’d Known Less”

  1. Contradictions of modern life! Well written!

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    1. Thanks a lot, sir. Means so much!


  2. Simply Amazed with your beautiful article Great Nayanthara – need more articles👏👏🙌

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  3. Shalini Suren Avatar
    Shalini Suren

    Being a Counselor, I am appalled at the condition of our precious children ❤…..Nayanthara thanks for bringing up the current state of the society..

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  4. Jayaraj R Nair Avatar
    Jayaraj R Nair

    Superb, congratulations baby

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  5. Nandagopal Nelvoye Avatar
    Nandagopal Nelvoye

    A good critical view depicting the reality versus the Mirage we are chasing..

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts.


  6. Fantastic thought and expressed it in superb language..she deserve a queen position in the world of contemporary literature…wish a beautiful future as a writer with a vision and passion for life

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    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, sir.


  7. Interesting. This article had given me much to reflect upon. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks Shraddha. Means a lot.


  8. I wish many people take the effort to understand how life has a way of showing what’s what and why at its own pace, instead of rushing for everything. Great piece of writing Nayanthara. Keep it up.

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  9. Nayanthara,

    You have a powerful language and a style that is uniquely yours.

    As for content, I think time and state of being always evolve. Throughout humanity’s chequered history, generations felt bored of repetition and at the same time stressed by the hectic changes around. Life is and will ever be a bundle of paradoxes and pressures. We need to move on- with or without regrets and nostalgia. Time does not care for our sense of losses and our longings.

    Look how much your writing implored me to a look within and around. Great effort.

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    1. Thanks a lot, sir. I really am humbled by your words of wisdom as well your insights on the topic of evolution. Thanks a million for sharing your thoughts.


  10. nausheenquraishi Avatar

    Dearest Nayanthara,
    Your words do state the current situation we are facing today in it’s true and real sense. I do feel “feeling stressed” have become “buzz words” almost a very common lame excuse for the young and the old today. For ages people have faced challenges, tragedies and tests but integrity, courage and strong minds always prevailed victoriously. We need to instil that confidence and faith into people today. Mental health issues are real but not every Tom, Dick and Harry, June , Jane or Mary can claim to suffer with it.

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    1. Yes. So true. Thank you for articulating your thoughts so clearly and letting the world know if it, ma’am. 🙏

      I hope more people read your comment 🙂

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  11. Ashwin Reddy Avatar
    Ashwin Reddy

    Has such a strong message and so well articulated, Nayanthara. Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward for more such powerful messages.
    Hopefully we do our bit as humans to make this world a more happier place.

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    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Ashwin. Yes, together we can make a difference.


  12. Very well drafted. Well done Nayanthara.

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  13. Komal Jaswani Avatar
    Komal Jaswani

    Awesome as always! ☺ proud of u Nayan! God bless u! 🙌🙌🙌🙌


  14. Beautifully penned Nayan. Such is the dilemma of human kind these days.

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  15. Amol Helwatkar Avatar
    Amol Helwatkar

    Thank you for this article, the obvious yet invisible hypocrisies we have in this time and age are appalling when viewed from a neutral point of view.

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  16. Articulate and well put. Very reminiscent of John Lennon’s eternal words of “Imagine…” The thought behind this is no joke, but a pertinent piece to the ultimate experience of being human. The thirst of knowing more has in a way woven a noose around our necks, a burden we cannot run away from sadly. And the irony is that it takes a person from the so called “GenZ world” to post a status of what an underlying issues. A lot of thoughts behind this. Would have a long detailed discussion about the mental health aspect when we next meet. But as always had the Nayanthara flair behind it, very well done!

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    1. Thanks a million for your elaborate take on the write-up. And yes! Will have the discussion on mental health soon!


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